IICTG 2019, April 23-24, Beijing, China

Starting date of online registration: December 17, 2018

Date of completion of agenda: 30 December 2018

Deadline for Conference Registration Preferences: 22 February 2019

Deadline for submission of reports and papers: 28 February 2019

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IICTG 2019 Agenda

April 16-17, 2019 - Beijing, China


Day 1 – Tuesday, April 16
08:30--09:00 Opening 1. Welcome TBA
2.Development of IICTG George Chang (IICTG)
09:00--10:00 Session 1 3.Intelligent Construction for Railways in China Lu Chunfan (China Rail Association)
4.Intelligent Construction for Highways in China Zhou Wei (China Transportation Department)
5.Intelligent Construction for Highways in US Connie Yew, US Federal Highway Administration
10:00--10:30 Break / Exhibit / Group Photo
10:30--11:30 Session 2 6.Intelligent Construction for Highways in Europe Antonio Correia, University of Minho, Portugal
7.Intelligent Compaction Research for Highways in US Soheil Nazarian, University of Texas-El Paso, USA
8.Framework of Intelligent Construction for Infrastructure Xu Guanghui,George Chang,Antonio Correia,Soheil Nazarian (IICTG)
11:30--13:00 Lunch Break / Exhibit
13:00--15:00 Session 3 9.Architecture and Recent Development of Smart Runway for Airport Ling Jianming, Zhang Jiake (Tongji University)
10. Intelligent Testing and Surveys for Highways Tan Yiqiu (Harbin Institute of Technology)
11. Intelligent Construction for Precast Pavements Tian Bo (China Transportation Research Institute)
12. Information Technologies for Airport Construction Han Liming (China Airport Construction Group)
13. Analysis Method of Intelligent Monitoring Data for the Full-Scale track in China Zhang Le (China Transportation Research Institute)
14. Study on Artificial Intelligence Visual Recognition of Marine Transportation Infrastructure Jiao Xuangjian, Zhang Junfeng (China Marine University)
15:00--15:30 Break / Exhibit
15:30--17:00 Session 4 15. Dynamic roller characteristics and CCC using automatic frequency control Carl Wersäll (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Fredrik Åkesson, Andreas Persson (Dynapac, Sweden)
16. In-Situ Assessment of Pavement Subgrade using Falling Weight Deflectometer for Intelligent Compaction Control Gary Chai (Griffith University, Australia)
17. New Attempt to Implement IC as Compaction Quality Control Method for Highway Embankment Construction in Japan H. Nakamura (NEXCO), H. Furuya(Obayashi), K. Ishiguro (Maeda), K.Uchiyama(Sakai Japan)
18. Hot Issues and Future Development of Intelligent Compaction Xu Guanghui,George Chang,Soheil Nazari,Antonio Correia (IICTG)
18:00--21:00 Banquet
Day 2, Wednesday, April 17
08:30--10:00 Session 5 19. The Management and Application of Intelligent Construction Based on BIM Technology Yu Dehu  (Qingdao Institute of Technology)
20. BIM for Highway Designs Xie Xiong (Helongjiang Highway Survey and Design Institute)
21. Intelligent Cities (TBA)
22. 3D Virtual Reality and Visualization for Design and Construction of Highways (TBA)
10:00--10:30 Break / Exhibit
10:30--11:50 Session 6 23. Intelligent Technologies for Road Construction Machinery Xue Lige (XCMG)
24. Direction Control of Vibration Technology for Intelligent Compaction Huang Fangquan (Hefei Greenland Machinery)
25. AI in the Intelligent Transportation Wang Jinqiao(Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences )
26. State Monitoring Technology and Application of High Speed Railway Catenary in Complex Environment Li Jing (China Railway First Survey and Design Institute)
12:00--13:00 Lunch Break / Exhibit
13:00--15:00 Session 7 Vendors’ Presentations
15:00--15:30 Break
15:30--17:10 Open Panel Discussion
Intelligent Construction: Challenges and Opportunities
Moderator: Luo Zhehua (China Road and Bridges, Ltd. ), Wang Dongshen ( Harbin Institute of Technology)
17:10--17:30 Closing Ceremony,Introduction to IICTG 2021