IICTG 2019, April 23-24, Beijing, China

Starting date of online registration: December 17, 2018

Date of completion of agenda: 30 December 2018

Deadline for Conference Registration Preferences: 22 February 2019

Deadline for submission of reports and papers: 28 February 2019

Important date



TEL: 0086-311-68129285

MP : 15614201564




1.The content of your paper shall be demonstrated clearly with distinct argument levels, rigorous in structure, accurate in terminology, concise in expression, supported by reliable data and clear tables & charts, without involving any national political, economic and technical secrets. Your paper shall be innovative, valuable academically and scientifically, and readable, ranging from 3000 words (included) to 8000 words (included). 


 2. Your paper shall consist of title, author's name, author's affiliation, abstract, keywords, CLC number, English title, author's English name (expressed in Chinese phonetic alphabet), English name of author's affiliation, English abstract, English keywords, introduction, text, conclusion and reference. Any referred figures and literature materials should be accompanied with source of reference. Words, numbers, units of measurement and symbols shall be clearly written in accordance with the relevant national standards and regulations. 


3. The structure of your paper should be made in the following order. The following items are required and indispensable. 
1) Headline (first line): Font point size: 16, black, boldface, centered alignment; 
2) Name (second line): Font point size: 15, regular script, centered alignment; 
3) Author's affiliation or correspondence address and contact telephone number (line 3): font point size: 7.5, regular script, sequence: province name, city name, zip code; 
4) Abstract: font point size: 10.5, regular script; 
5) Keywords: font point size: 10.5, regular script; 
6) Please translate the above contents into English. 
7) Text: font point size: 10.5, song typeface; all units of measurement used in your paper are in accordance with international or national standards and written in English, such as km, kg, etc. The age, date, month and year in your paper shall be all expressed in Arabic numerals. 
8) References: font point size: 9, song typeface; 



 4. The abstract should be informative-indicative, mainly reflecting the research purpose, methods, results and conclusions of your paper. The abstract shall directly describe the theme, without background introduction or self - evaluation, containing 230 ~ 300 words. 


 5. 5 - 8 keywords are recommended. The first keyword shall be the name of the corresponding field. The second keyword is the name of the research results in your paper. The third keyword is the name of the method used to obtain the research results in your paper. The fourth keyword is the main research object in your paper. The fifth and subsequent keywords are other nouns that are conducive to retrieval.


6. The number of subheadings levels in the text does not exceed 3. 


7. Only the most necessary illustrations and figures are attached, and shall be numbered according to the order in which they appear in the text; such the illustrations and figures must be concise, clear and accurate. The names of the illustrations and figures must be expressed in both Chinese and English. Coordinate variables and numbers in illustrations and figures shall be marked with units. 


8. The foreign letters and symbols therein must be distinguished between upper and lower cases, between normal and italic, as well as between superscript and subscript. Symbols representing matrices and vectors must be expressed in bold.


9. The number of references should not be less than 5. In order to reflect the latest research results in this field, it is suggested that the articles published in the present Journal and related journals in the last two years should be referred appropriately. References are numbered and cited in the order in which they appear therein. Chinese and other non-English references must have corresponding English expressions. [Serial number] author name, article title [type of reference], journal name, publication year, volume (issue): starting and ending page numbers, place of publication, press. 


10. Please attach the personal profile of the first author to your paper: name, date of birth, gender, native place, professional title, educational background and research direction.


11. Your paper shall be submitted to the email address hbjkypx@163.com. Please indicate "title of paper + name of author" on the subject.


12. The format of your paper is detailed in the attached template.

Attachment: Paper submission example